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New to OCC, not new to overclocking.

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Hi guys,


been a member of overclockers.com.au (yeah, an Aussie version of OCC) for 13 years, but since I've moved to Canada I've decided to find a similarly like-minded group, so here I am!


Live in Canmore, AB.  Used to be a heavy gamer and streamer, but I'm trying to give it up to be less of a procrastinator.


Spent about a decade doing IT, from helpdesk to sysadmin, decided users are the worst so going to switch to something less "help the user" orientated when my work permit comes through.


Ride motorbikes, can rebuild an engine, love to shoot, can't fucken snowboard yet (not enough snow for me to bother spending the cash to tool up to give it a go yet) and play bass when I'm bored.


Hope to see you guys around.


Fez out!


edit: Am I missing something regarding user profiles?  Or is there a timer before I can adjust my avatar, sig, birthday, location, etc etc?

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Welcome to OCC!


Canmore is a nice town, I have been up the road years ago visiting friends in Dead Man's Flats, fishing in the Bow River.  :cheers:

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Welcome to OCC Fez ! :wave:


Ya, you need a few posts under your belt before you can edit your profile, and I think you need 10 before you can do more than 1 per day.

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