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MSI Achieves DDR4 5608 MHz World Record with MPG Z390I Gaming Edge AC


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MSI has revealed it was able to reach the impressive speed of 5608 MHz on a stick of DDR4 RAM, setting a world record. This was achieved on MSI's MPG Z390I Gaming Edge AC motherboard using a Core i9 9900K engineering sample and one stick of Kingston DDR4 2400 memory. Though the CPU should be able to run much faster, its frequency was just 816.02 MHz, with a multiplier of 8 and base clock of 102 MHz. It was also set to only use two cores without Hyperthreading enabled. The timings on the memory were 31-31-31-63. You can see all of the specs at the CPU-Z Validator page linked to below.

Source: Press Release and CPU-Z Validator

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