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OBS Studio Gets Improved NVIDIA NVENC Implementation

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For anyone using OBS Studio to capture gameplay, either to stream or locally record, this may be important news for you. A special beta version has been released that should improve the performance of the NVIDIA NVENC encoder. As I recall one of the disadvantages OBS Studio (and Classic) had compared to NVIDIA's ShadowPlay/Share application is that it needed to send the frames to be encoded to the CPU and RAM, even though the NVENC encoder itself is built into the GPU. By using the new SDK from NVIDIA, and apparently also with the help of NVIDIA according to HardOCP, this quirk has been removed, so now the frame will be sent directly to the VRAM, which should reduce the resource usage of using the encoder. Compared to CPU encoding, NVENC should already use fewer resources but this should still be a better implementation.

Also started in the post announcing this beta is that users with Turing-based GPUs may see improved image quality as well. With every new GPU generation since introducing NVENC, NVIDIA has been making improvements to the ASIC for better quality and performance, with the newest implementation naturally being the best of them. The performance improvement should be present for all GPUs that feature NVENC, but will require being on Windows 8 or higher. This is because of a DX11.1 feature requirement, but the previous implementation will still work as before.

Source: OBS Project

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