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Boinker's long awaited system update.


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So its not much of a system update. More of a minor upgrade.


My family was good to me this year. Guess I was a well. Still the parts I received was much more the I deserve; But I digress..


So I will be migrating my current build from my old current HAF932 to the Lian li PC-011DW and subtracting my current video cards (x2 gtx 960's) and putting in a EVGA RTX 2080 Black edition. I still can't belive I received it and am forever thankful.


To kick off this build I decided to fit the chosen radiator that I had in store for it and the Primary motherboard That I entend to use until it expires. Cant beat intel boards. when they make them. Just wow.


With the goal of this system to bring the PC back to the desk and in a classy fashion I set off. It will take time as I still have year end stuff to accomplish and Much to take apart before I can get all things operational. We shall see if I can get it together before end of the year. But no promises.


To kick things Off I took it apart. In typical fashion It had its disappointments. To start with I installed the radiator (XSPC EX360). I had to compromise a bit. Turns out the spacing of the radiator water fittings wouldn't allow it to me mounted Behind where I want it. But this is OK. I compromised by using push pull for a slight bump in performance. To hide the radiator it would require some modifying. However I am sure this will not be the first rendition I will do. In short, its gonna get hacked up eventually.




Cant forget about the Intel skull




Lastly the back end. Will soon be unclustered only to be reclustered by my EVGA 1KW SQUID


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Forgive me but for some reason my camera didn't take great pictures. Well that is what I get for using a cell phone. OH well. 


Now that I became of a moment to continue this Build I began by getting the Final fan put on the radiator and installing the CPU block. For this build I used the Watercooled Heatkiller IV basic copper plexi. Old reliable you might say. Good performance anyhow. On the other hand its paired with a XSPC Photon res, XSPC compression fittings and rotary elbows and a D5 vario pump. Its a shame most of the photos didn't turn out but here is the loop Photos.






To make clearance work out ok I did a double 90 fitting to send the Tubing downward rather then straight into the fan shroud just a 1/2 inch away. Worked out just fine in the end. Wish I had some offset rotary fittings, But a pair of 90's gets the job done. Lastly the loops footprint is pretty small. Would be easy as Pie to take out of the system without any hassle at all.






Bleed and testing. No leaks for me thanks. ;-)




Lastly I turned to wiring the case. Ummmm, YIKES!!!!




Being that this is a mid tower and I have a large PSU it made it quite difficult to manage. However, Attrition prevailed and all got settled. Placing the fan controller on the PSU was either a stroke of brilliance or an act of stupidity. Ill let you decide. And trust me. That white panel hides alot of things. But every wire is secured properly; by God. And lastly the bottom panel has its Front IO and usb connectors. 








Cant help but install this badge. its been waiting for a case worthy of it. 




Lastly are some operational photos of the finished product. Everything worked properly on the first boot. Had to modify my old fan control policies in the Bios (EPIC intel thermal management system) . And the tempered glass makes it all worth it. 


In closing. 


I love this case. Is it difficult to build in, yes. Is it worth the look? Absolutely.


If you are ever going to use this Case to Watercool, yes this one can air cool as well, then DO you homework very well. Lian li has made a very clear attempt to help people get the most out of this case when it comes to radiator placement. However, Not all radiators are created equally. Some radiators are too wide to go into the side chamber. As in there footprint is beyond 125mm making it to large To fit in place with the IO where its located without modification. Also if the Water in and outlet are at the very end of the radiator (like the XSPC AX and EX line) you will have to mod the fan mounts and remove some material to fit the rad on the side chamber. 


Link to Radiator suggested.



To run the dual radiators in front and top you will need at least 4 90' connectors or a snake style fitting to redirect the tubes to make it work. This is assuming you are using slim radiators as well.


From the research I have conducted the radiator for the case is going the be the HW labs GTS360 slim radiator. I intend on grabbing up two of the things to put in this setup eventually and they are known to fit and are the best performing radiators in their respective slim class or sub 50mm radiators. 


Lastly Please use a good tube res that can fit a pump to it. Makes life easier IMHO. and if you ever want fans on the bottom they wont be in the way.


Going forward All that is left to do is install a RTX2080 Black RGB...... Which I don't currently have time for today. Drat.


Enjoy some more build photos.








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Well, sense the system live tested for three days with no hiccups I decided to install the final portion of the system update.


Granted this setup is nothing more then an old dx79si, 3930k and mushkin ddr3 2166 and 1kw psu. But this should power it into the future.


Off hand I can say the results are pretty much a double in performance compared to sli 960's. Can't wait to over clock it but I think it over clocks itself.


Other then that it sure looks epic on the deck with the tempered glass case. Can't beat the looks of it.


But I digress. Thanks to those that looked and read up. Much appreciated. There will be more later. I just need a couple 500 or so in parts to do just that.




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Is there enough room for your sata cables to go into the mobo? It looks tight.

Yes. Just enough room to plug it in the hard 90 through the rubber channel grommet. There will be plenty of stuff on the hard drive mounting etc and back panel wire management when I get the system up and going. Finalizing the water cooling loop leak down test and gonna get it ready to play with sometime tonight.

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Edited in the final build log portion of me installing the 2080 black by Evga.


The RGB is kinda worth it kinda no.... OK fine its worth it. ;-)


But I can't get over how awesome the case looks. Congrats to lian li and Du8auer on an epic rehash on an older case.

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