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Epic Games Store Starts Its Game Giveaway with Subnautica

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Earlier this month Epic Games announced it was launching its Epic Games Store. This new digital games storefront is offering several things to try to get the attention of consumers, creators, and developers, like only taking 12% of revenue from sales, so the remaining 88% goes to the developer. The Support-A-Creator program is to benefit content creators by helping developers reach out to them and the creators being able to receive revenue-sharing.

To attract consumers though, one of the things Epic is doing is giving away free games, and the first one is available now: Subnautica. For the next two weeks you will be able to get underwater adventure from Unknown Worlds Entertainment for free, and after that it will be Super Meat Boy given away for two weeks. The title after that has not been revealed yet, but there will be a game free for two weeks every two weeks until the end of 2019. If you have an Epic Games account, might as well log in and start growing your library on this new platform, and Epic is obviously hoping you stick around and make some other purchases while you are there.

Source: Epic Games

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