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Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Getting Minor Factions DLC Next Week

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Though Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion was originally released in 2012 (and the original Sins of a Solar Empire is from 2008), it is continuing to receive attention from its developers. Today it was announced that on Monday, December 17 the 'Minor Factions' DLC will release for this real-time 4X game, adding a new challenge to players as these upstart forces exist from outside the great powers in the game.

The DLC adds 15 new minor factions that have their own abilities and advantages. For example, the Nilari Cultists will indoctrinate nearby populations for their own suicidal campaigns. The Grost Scrappers Union can retrofit armor and turn obsolete frigates into valuable scrap. The Viturak Transport Cabal grants access to black market Vasari travel technology.

This DLC will cost $5.99 when it releases next week.

Source: Stardock


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