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I9-9900K - single/dual core overclocking

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Hey Wev, hello IR_cow


We going all the way back to uncore? Shoot That's like 1366 Bloomfield stuff there. Run it as high as possible for best results unti unstable. ;-) 


And with that I am done derailing this topic. 


But as for the OP: What cooling solution do you intend to use for this venture? 



I am using this: https://www.arctic.ac/eu_en/freezer-33-plus.html


Most of the time the fans aren't doing anything and the cooler acts as a passive cooler.


But I think I haven't been clear in my first post:

- I am NOT pursuring an all-core overclock. To the contrary. I am interested in others experiences with increasing the frequency on 1 or 2 cores only - as this is the best fit for my current games. (Battlefield V and racing-simulators).

And I have found out that my motherboard supports individual frequencies for individual cores.

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While let's spin-up those fans on that 4-pipe cooler and run a 30-min stress test at default settings,..


You need to ensure your cooling solution can maintain an acceptable temperature, and system is 100% stable at default settings before you start overclocking.   :popcorn:


Please read this Benchmarking & Stress Test Insights : https://rog.asus.com/articles/overclocking/realbench-benchmarking-stress-test-insights/


Install HWMONITOR and have this open while running stress test, to monitor your temps.  https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html


Install RealBench V2.43 and run a 30-min stress test, check all the box's.  https://rog.asus.com/articles/news/realbench-v2-43-new-version-available-now/


Keep an eye on your Temps while running test, if you hit 90c stop the test,.. if you pass under 90c in default settings, Congrats!  Next step sync all 8-cores to 3.6GHz run 15-min test to find your best core.


It's going to take several 15-min runs to determine your best core,.. then going to by-core overclocking and slowly increasing that core leaving the other 7-cores at 3.6GHz, see if you can reach your target OC of say 5.2GHz.   


Good Luck, have fun and post your results. 

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