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NVIDIA Rumored to Unveil RTX Mobility at CES 2019


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It looks like the first official news of mobile versions for NVIDIA's latest 2000 series of GPUs may be coming in a month, at CES 2019. According to WCCFTech, January 6 at CES is when the company will launch them, though the embargo on reviews is January 26, which is also when general availability of laptops with these parts should begin. The site source also stated the mobility lineup will launch with the RTX 2070 at its top, followed by the 2070 Max-Q, 2060, 2050 Ti, and lastly the 2050. Though there is evidence of a 2080 Max-Q also being developed, it might not launch with the others.

It is likely worth noting that the parts below the 2070 very possibly will not have the RTX branding and also lack NVIDIA's hardware accelerated ray-tracing.

Source: WCCFTech

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