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Found my limits on the r5 1500x. sort of win.

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I'm late to the Ryzen party, but this is the stop gap upgrade chip. I'm waiting for the 3k series ryzen which, for me, will be the 8 core and the one lasting the next 8 years+. In the meantime, I thought I'd see what I can do with this.


apparently [email protected] vCore is the sweet spot.1.3625 seems to work well @ 4.0 on cinebench. I'll try to adjust down a little bit towards that once I'm guaranteed stability.


Getting 4.1 is lots more voltage, takes 1.425, and [email protected] freezes cinebench. So if i want 4.1 for a daily oc I would have to fry it.


So I guess I sort of win a lottery here. I'll play with the memory timings and see if i can run [email protected] timings with the samsung b-die i have. That might really fine tune things.


Temps? Using the Corsair H115i platinum RGB pro thing, the one with colors over performance, and see 70c at about 60% fans. If I go 100%, it's loud and only 2-3 deg better.

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