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Well I decided to build another spare P C


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Aloha ,

Well I was given a couple Motherboards from my friend here so I was thinking of putting it into 

a case I have here , well I have several case's here to use.

   One of them is a ...... MSI 970A-G43 , AMD, with 2 x 8 GB Snipers.

I also have the Coolermaster EVO 212 CPU Coolers. 

I have a empty Coolermaster Nvidia Edition Case ( Possibly a CM 960 ll ) with a 850 Power Unit and Windows 10 CD.

This case seems a little small but might add bigger fans for better cooling. 

What recommended AMD CPU can be used for extra good working P.C., and there was  a

AMD Phenom ll X4 965 3.40 in it when I got it.


Would a AMD Black FX 6300 be better to use.


Replies are very much welcomed to this posting also.


LongBike / Louis


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The newer FX 6300 Piledriver is the better chip, will easily reach 4.7GHz with much lower TDP vs the X4 965.


You should be fine with the 850W power supply regardless of which chip you go with,.. the older X4 965 is 140W TDP and the 6300 is 95W TDP.


Also keep in mind, however, that these processors don't have integrated graphics, so you will need to add a discrete graphics card to your build.  :cheers:   

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Aloha Nimrod,

Thanks for the reply back.

I figured since the Mobo is almost brand new why waste it. i have every thing here except the ...CPU that is why I posted about it. He also gave me a .....ASUS 1050 Card, 2 GB ..... for use.

This would be just for a spare P.C. for my wife to have and use.


  I scored another complete Full Rig for Free , a ....... HAF 932 Case yesterday from another guy.

He just got a new ..... Alienware Desk Top  and a real beauty too.

    He called me to come over and said hey you want to take this home for use and it also has 

every thing in it. It is running a...... MSI 970 in it and Two Large ASUS GPU's in it.

   The P.C. is in full working order so it will be mine for use in my room here.  I also use a

Philips ...... 48 - 50 Inch T.V. for a Monitor so it comes in handy. 

I'll check the CPU when I clean it up soon.

Aloha and thanks for the reply back it is appreciated a lot.


Extra Information NOTE:

So do I look for this as a ..... AMD Piledriver FX 6300 CPU.....???


AMD 6300 Piledriver .....? and not a FX model ........ Which FX or not....????

LongBike  /  Louis

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Sorry for the confusion with the processor name,.. it's code-name for AMD second-generation FX line of processors. Piledriver is successor to Bulldozer, then Steamroller, Excavator,...  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_CPU_microarchitectures


If your going to buy new, you can still find them on Amazon.   https://www.amazon.com/AMD-FD6300WMHKBOX-FX-6300-6-Core-Processor/dp/B009O7YORK


The FX line is old, but can still give a decent gaming experience when overclocked, paired with your Asus 1050 card. However, current generation hardware will yield much better results for gaming.


The FX-6300 has 6-cores but those cores are annoyingly slow. 

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Aloha ,


Well I just completed the installation into the case with what I have here. Now to look for just what I will need for a good CPU for the MoBo. If the FX is old I think I should fine a little faster

and better CPU now.

     In my other P.C. there was a .... Black FX 6300 when I got the Board and it was a little slow when

using it.

I would like it going little faster also.  This MoBo had one in it also so that is why I was inquiring.



OK what would a better CPU be for maybe both Mobo's here ....? 

If I pull the .....FX Black 6300 out, then what could I go with.  

I have also my Main Rig that is a Thermatake GT 10 Case I have here also with this 

...... Better MSI 970 with ........ 16 GB Rip Jaws in it. One that still be economical also.

Aloha and thanks for the relies back,




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  • 4 months later...


Been a while for posting but doing it now.

Got another :

The System I got again is another same  :

MSI 970 MoBo with a New ..... AMD FX-8350 , 125 WATT (8 Core )


DDR3 1600 GL9-9-9-925

PC3-12800    4x4GB 

ASUS Dual Series , GeForce GTX 1050 , OC Edition , 2 GB GDDR5 (unplugged power MoBo )

Direct X 12 


Working great now and running ......... Windows 10 new Disc.


It is running great with no flaws at all. 

Aloha and thanks for looking into this posting.

Louis / LongBike

Honolulu, Hawaii

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