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Narrow bezel on a metallic chassis

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In recent years, MSI has established a strong reputation for its industry-leading gaming notebooks and also offers a robust Workstation series for professionals.

With the recent exhibiting of the PS42 at Computex 2018 in Taipei, MSI now sets its sights on providing premium laptops for those who prioritize portability without a sacrifice in performance.

At just over a kilogram with a chic metal chassis as well as a gorgeous narrow bezel design, let

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MSI True Color

This feature is also available on the Gaming series and is mainly used to adjust screen colors.

I feel that the accuracy of screen colors may be more important for business purposes.



True Color provides six modes which can each be slightly adjusted.

Users with high requirements for drawing and image processing,

can not only save their money on a color-calibration device but also utilize more functions.



The PS42 supports Nahimic 3 technology and also offers MSI's own audio software interface.

Although many thin laptops are weak in terms of audio and related software, MSI employs its expertise in gaming, extrapolating great sound to the PS42.



The following describes my personal listening experience and is subjective. I compared the PS42 to the Ultrabook.

When the speaker is turned up to 60%, the volume is somewhat above-average. When it is turned up to 100%, the volume is decently loud.

High frequencies

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