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i7 6950x overclock not applying

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Hello guys.
Last year I have found the perfect overclock for me wich gave me performance and good temperatures for gaming and some hard work.
But this week I have noticed some performance down and for my surprise my overclock profile was not working right. I have set all cores for 4.2ghz with avx offset at auto but my computer is running at 3.5ghz on all cores and 4.0ghz on core 2, the one with the *. In the BIOS the overclock profile is set but when Windows is running it does not work.
I tried setting another profile, did not work. Tried to set BIOS to its default and set the desired profile again, did not work. Tried the CLEAN CMOS taking the CMOS battery out and changing the jumper for 30 seconds or more and overclocking it all again, did not work. The result is always the same, it seeems fine in the BIOS but in Windows it only runs at 3.5ghz at all cores and 4.0ghz in core 2*.
My computer setup is:
CPU: Intel i7-6950x 3.00GHz
MOBO: ASUS Rog Strix X99 Gaming
Liquid Cooler: Corsair H115i
Memory: Corsair Vengeance LED (4x8GB) 3200Mhz DDR4
M.2 SSD: Samsung 970 EVO 2TB
SSD: Kingston UV400 480GB
SSHD: Seagate SATA III (2x2TB em RAID 0)
Power Supply: XFX 1250W
I will attach 23 images that wich is my overclock profile and BIOS setup.
Please guys, give me some guidance. I have no idea why this is happening.
Thank you.



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What does Asus Multi-Core enhancement do? It seems like you have all the cores set to 42 multiplier so maybe that set to Auto is actually bypassing your manual overclock. I also see you have the CPU Cache Multi to 32. I think that's a little low.

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Asus Multicore Enhancement setting to Auto applies the turbo ratio to all cores. Setting to Disabled uses Intel turbo policies. These options are only effective at stock CPU settings. 


When a manual overclock is applied, the turbo ratios are assigned according to the CPU Core Ratio settings.


My advice would be use Windows high performance power plan vs balanced or power saver.  Update BIOS to latest version 1902 4-26-2018.


Read this guide by Raja Gill and follow the steps he shows for manual overclock settings on Asus motherboard, Btoadwell-E.  https://edgeup.asus.com/2016/broadwell-e-overclocking-guide/

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Ok guys, I found the problem and I will leave my solution here for others in need.

After a lot of research I found that some people were having the same issue after a windows update that updated the processor micro code and, for some reason, f*cked peoples OC. I'm running windows 10 version 1709 and the update that did this for me was the KB4090007. Just unnistall this update and be happy again with your OC.

And don't forget to block the update. I did it with WUMT Wrapper Script.

I hope this helps someone.

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