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[WTS] gpu cards. gtx770, more, etc.

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I've collected these through time. All working system pulls. Using the 770 now even. Got a 1070 to replace it but may sell that later on depending on whatever. Probably keep it until the new amd stuff shows up. Where you see two, i indeed have two. ill cross them off when they sell.


evga GTX 770  ($140 shipped)  keepin unless i part out a system.

evga GTX 560  ($40 shipped)

evga GTX 560  ($40 shipped)

XFX  HD 5850  ($40 shipped)

XFX  HD 5850  ($40 shipped)

Sapphire HD 4850 (wtf? Yeah i still have one. $15 shipped)

HD 4650 (lol,was htpc card. $8.43)


ill ebay them shortly if no action here. The last two would make great emulator/MAME cards.

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