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Valve Allegedly Working on New VR Headset

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There is an interesting rumor out there that Valve may be preparing a new VR headset of its own, bringing it to market with its Knuckles controllers and potentially a VR game set in the Half-Life universe. Images of the alleged prototype for this VR head mounted display leaked online and Upload VR claims its sources have confirmed the images are real and that this new HMD would sport a 135ยบ field of view with comparable resolution to the Vive Pro from HTC. Something interesting about that combination is it would result in an angular resolution around that of the original HTC Vive Valve had partnered with HTC to make.

Before letting you get your hopes up very far, the supposed Half-Life VR game would not be the long awaited Half-Life 3, but rather a prequel. Still, it could be an interesting experience, especially in combination with the Knuckles controllers that can track the positions and grips of your fingers. The images appear to be from July, so the hardware could be much closer to being a consumer product.

Source: Upload VR

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