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High end gaming monitor recommendation?

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I was looking for some 1440p 27 size monitors to get. Here is a list I thought were good. , Acer xb271hu, Aoc AG271QG, , viewsonic XG2 703 GS... If you guys have other recommendations please answer me! frown.gif. if anyone can give me other recommendations please answer or give ur experience with what monitor that is 1440p you had. Thanks and have a great day.

my budget is 700 - 800 euros

I have also some links for all these monitors




are there positives and negatives for these monitors in this link?

some people say that Acer-XB271HU is better from all these monitors
some another say that Asus-PG279Q is better
and some another people say that Viewsonic-XG2703 is the best..

i dont know which to buy from all these 4 monitors
so which you suggested me to buy?





because I don't  know a lot of  things  for  ultrawides  is it  possible to tell me if  ultrawides support all  the games or some  games;;

the most  people  for  pc games  what monitor  take;.

if  I will  buy  ultrawide  monitor  will I have problems and issues  in most  games; or is  better to  buy one  monitor in 16.9?; for to have better compability;


also I am a gamer and I am playing a lot  of  titiles  very  old and very  new  titles

I am hardcore gamer 


what is  your experience  from ultrawides  monitors;  for using  them in pc  games;

what the most  people prefer  21.9 or  16.9 for  gaming?

which are the advatages and disavantages   from  ultrawides  monitors

does all the games  give  the  support for  ultrawides  monitors/;

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I can tell you ,I had the Asus and its a Awesome mon. The only reason I dont have it anymore is because I wanted the ultra wide style. Kinda had buyers remorse

due to going 165hz to 100hz. I would buy it again if I were looking for a 27in mon.

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