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Halloween Events for Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor Announced


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Late October is not only a time for costumes and candy but also special events in various video games. Today Ubisoft revealed the events coming to Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor, the Mad House and Return of the Otherworld respectively.

With the Mad House Halloween Event, Siege players will get to join a playlist with a selection of five attackers (Ash, Thermite, Buck, Hibana and Finka) and five defenders (Mira, Vigil, Valkyrie, Jager, and Pulse), all of which are available in Halloween skins. Last year's Halloween skins are also available again for a limited time. The map for this event is a Halloween version of the map "House." This event is only going on from October 25 to October 31, but if you log in from now until November 5 you will receive a Crimsonviel pack for free. You can get another if you reach 30 kills playing the Mad House map, and a second by reaching 60 kills. The Crimsonviel Collection is also available for purchase until November 5 and has 22 exclusive cosmetic items for Finka, Jager, Thermite, Valkyrie, and Vigil.

In For Honor the Return of the Otherworld event will run from today to November 8 and bring with it the return of the Endless March game mode and the start of Arcade Weekly Quests. With Endless March, a variation of 4v4 Dominion, soldiers appear as skeletons and will deal brutal damage, and conquering zones only give you temporary points. Killing these soldiers and enemy players will get you permanent points. As part of the Marching Fire expansion for the game, the quick-play PvE Arcade mode was added with Return of the Otherworld being the first Arcade Weekly Quest with it handcrafted special Halloween event. Naturally there are also Halloween-themed rewards as part of Return of the Otherworld, including new Mask Outfits to transform characters into ghoulish versions. These outfits will be available for 15,000 Steel, per hero, for the first week of the event.

Source: Ubisoft [1] (Rainbow Six Siege) and [2] (For Honor)


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