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Intel to Separate Manufacturing Unit Into Three Segments


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Intel has been facing supply issues for some time now, as its 10 nm manufacturing process has been repeatedly delayed. This has caused more and more products to be made on its 14 nm processes and now demand is surpassing its capabilities. In response, Intel put out an open letter last month acknowledging supply chain issues and stated it would invest more into its manufacturing sites and prioritize the production of certain parts. Now it is being reported at Oregon Live that on Monday the company told employees it will be splitting its manufacturing unit into three segments. These three segments will be technology development, manufacturing and operations, and finally, the supply chain. Mike Mayberry will lead the technology development segment while Ann Kelleher leads Manufacturing and operations, and Randhir Thakur will be in charge of the supply chain. Also, Sohail Ahmed, who has been one of the leaders of the manufacturing organization will be retiring next month.

Source: Oregon Live

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