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DRAM and NAND Prices May Decline During 4Q2018


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For anyone looking to build or even upgrade a computer in the near future, this is almost certainly good news. TrendForce, through its DRAMeXchange division, are predicting the price of memory, both DRAM and NAND, may come down in price during the fourth quarter of this year, and in 2019. The reasons for this include a sluggish demand for replacing smartphones, uncertain server shipments, and the shortage of Intel CPUs. Combined this suggests the possibility of DRAM oversupply in 2019, so manufacturers have been slowing or postponing investment in capacity expansion, but the prediction still is for prices to drop as much as 15% to 20% in 2019. The drop could be even greater, depending on the demand for servers and smartphones.

The market for NAND memory is also being impacted by decreasing demand, like what is being seen for DRAM, but this is mainly true for consumer products. Demand for enterprise SSDs will likely remain stable and the competition in this very profitable market could see prices drop there too.

Source: TrendForce

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