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Nvidia Geforce 310M Try Overclock (Old Laptop) Please Help


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i am Download the Software ASUS GPU TweakII to Make OverClock. Cuz i want Run the game Riders of Icarus Good. cuz i cant play with 10-20fps

The Problem the Mhz Still Same when i am Change it...
it Use 405 Mhz clock and i want 800 Mhz and it show only 405 and dont use the max Mhz

Please Watch the Pictue please help me
Before i try 2 antoher Software same problem- MSI Afterburner- and - nvidia inspector

:::My PC:::
Sony Vaio Laptop
4 Giga Ram
Cpu Intel Core i3 M350 --- 4 Core
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 310M
Picture of the Problem on Software Please Look






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If gaming on your laptop is important to you, I'd get something better than the 310M.


You can increase speeds using Optimus NVIDIA drivers 258.69 for the 310M and using NVIDIA's System Tools that allows overclocking in the NV Control Panel,.. save the speed setting after overclocking as a profile under NVIDIA Control Panel & then put the speeds back to default. When you want to play a game, you can reactivate those overclocked speeds for slightly better game play.


On those older type laptops due to cooling limitations, the 310M stock speeds are : 

Core : 625 

Memory: 790

Shaders : 1530


You can bump them up with Optimus drivers and Nvidia's system tools to Max :

Core : 764

Memory : 921

Shaders : 1721


Good luck.  :cheers:

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Try to add a desk fan for cooling the laptop when overclocking.  Whenever better cooling is added the performance achieved is better.

Laptop coolers are a base with two fans under the laptop, or just the desk fan on the left or right of the keyboard aimed downward with something that raises the laptop say 1/2" so that the air can blow under the laptop as well as above.  A thick marker is going to work, as a test, when placed, under the laptop, along the front and back edges.  A permanent solution would be those 1/2" rubber feet that stick on to the bottom right next to the 1/8" rubber feet that are standard on laptops.

Take a look at turning the graphic settings down in the game.  I am not familiar with the game, but there may be a high, medium, and low graphics setting.

Hope you have fun with the OC and the game.

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