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Gamers Nexus Interviews Manufacturers on Tariff Impacts


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Starting today there, a number of products produced in China have a 10% tariff applied to them, and the list includes a number of computer components. As China manufacturers a great many of these products, the impact will be felt throughout the industry, and with another 15% tariff coming on January 1, Gamers Nexus decided to reach out to manufacturers. Basically they all agree this will result in suggested retail prices in North America increasing, though Alphacool speculates it might not be as impacted as others, but it is not as active in the region.

A couple points made in the article include the profit margins for some of the products and the impact this will have on shipping costs. Gamers Nexus notes that for some video cards, the margin is only a few percent, so a 10% tariff cannot be taken on by the manufacturer alone, so consumers will need to bear at least some of it. Some companies have been trying to mitigate the impact of the tariffs, at least temporarily, by getting products into warehouses before the tariffs take effect, or before the next 15% tariff is applied. This increase in shipping demand has driven up shipping costs for all products coming out of China, so even products not directly listed under the tariffs may see price increases, and North American consumers outside of the United States too may be paying more.

For now, consumers in the United States can try reaching out to representatives in Congress and vote in the upcoming elections. Otherwise, we are left waiting and hoping deals can be struck between China and the United States that will see the tariffs removed. While some manufacturers may try to move production out of China, such as to Taiwan or even to the US, it will take time and is not an inexpensive move to begin with.

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