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Qualcomm Alleges Apple Gave Source Code to Intel

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A lot of parts go into making modern smartphones, so the companies making them need to work with many other companies, and apparently this can get rather complicated and tangled. Some years ago Apple and Qualcomm started working together to supply chips for the iPhone, and the two companies have also been fighting legal battles for some time as well. One of the suits brought by Qualcomm is that under the companies' agreement, Apple must allow the other company to audit it for the purpose of ensuring the source code and tools from Qualcomm are being properly protected, as they are trade secrets. That suit claims Apple has not been allowing such an audit, but now Qualcomm is claiming Apple has actually been turning over some of the source code to Intel, so it can improve its products.

Qualcomm claims to have unearthed this from the documents and other evidence shared as part of discovery for the lawsuit. Now the company wants to add this much more serious charge to the lawsuit. This case is to have its court date in April, if it remains on track.

Source: CNBC

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