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AMD Submits Linux Patches for 'Next Generation of Processors'


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They are still some months away, but it AMD's next series of CPUs are already appearing in patches for Linux. Today support for architectural extensions for Platform Quality of Service was added by a series of patches, with the next generation of processors specifically mentioned. The purpose of these extensions is for monitoring the usage of system resources, by one or more processors, and the allocation and enforcement of limits on these system resources, by one or more processors. The QoS sub-features these new processors will support are L3 Cache allocation enforcement, L3 Cache occupancy monitoring, L3 Code-Data Prioritization support, and Memory Bandwidth Enforcement (Allocation), according to the kernel mailing list.

As Phoronix notes, these features are likely only going to be enabled for the next series of EPYC processors, and not seen on the desktop Ryzen CPUs. Phoronix also notes these features seem similar to Intel Resource Directory Technology. We may see more information on the next series of AMD processors in the foreseeable future as at least the EPYC 2 CPUs they are expected in the first half of 2019 and will need Linux support when they launch.

Source: Phoronix

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