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Embargoes for GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti Reviews May Have Changed to September 19

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This is likely not the news those interested in the upcoming GeForce RTX 20 Series want to see, assuming it is accurate. According to VideoCardz, reviewers have been having a hard time getting samples for testing, and this has become enough of a problem that NVIDIA has pushed the embargo date back on the RTX 2080 to September 19. The pre-orders for the cards are supposed to start shipping on September 20. This date also matches the embargo date for RTX 2080 Ti reviews, where previously the dates would have had the RTX 2080 reviews out two days prior (September 17). The embargo on articles covering the Turing architecture the RTX 20 series uses is supposed to lift on September 14.

Complicating this situation all the more is that apparently drivers have not been provided yet. This means even if you have a review unit, testing performance is potentially pointless for the time being, assuming you can get it running without proper drivers. The situation with how drivers are being delivered is actually something HardOCP wrote about a couple weeks ago, as its sources indicated drivers are being delivered exclusively by NVIDIA and not AIB partners, and only after signing NVIDIA's multi-year NDA.

Source: VideoCardz and HardOCP

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