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Installing Mandrake 10...


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OK, I've used Mandrake 9.2 on a seperate PC to my windows box for a while now, but never really used it that much, but I decided to install 10 on my windows box. On seperate HDDs.


I've tried dual booting from the same drive on sooo many linux distros since red hat 4 was out, but never managed to get it right, so this time, instead of jepordising my existing data, I'm going to put it on sperate dirves.


Can I simply install Mandrake 10 on one drive, while the other isn't installed, then just add the second drive and then install LiLo?

Also, what would I need to have as my variables in LiLo to boot from a second drive?


If anyone can link me to a site that explains this, that I've missed, then that would be great, but I've googled, and found nothing that could help.

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