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Problems playing Red Dead

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So I fired up my PS3 a few days ago to play through Red Dead Redemption (which I bought and never finished three years ago). Instantly noticed problems with the DS3 controller like sometimes not working at all, random button pressing at times (it kept trying to cancel and then going back to downloading while I was updating the system earlier), occasionally giving John Marston incorrect commands. I switched to using my DS4 which tended to run more smoothly, no random button pressing, but the PS3 would still sometimes not react to any buttons being pushed.

I made it through 2/3 of the game and got to the mission "Bear One Another's Burdens" and the mission is essentially unplayable. Freezing during cutscenes, infinite loading screens, and ridiculous glitches during the car ride, the one time I even made it to that part. The only thing to do when any of those problems starts is to quit and restart the game.

There were a few glitches up until now but nothing this catastrophic. I've updated the system and the game. The game was preowned and the disk came kind of smudged and scratched up so I tried to clean that as best as I could. But I think the problem is in my system and I don't know what to do about it, and I'm quite upset. Any of this sound familiar to anyone? Are the problems with the mission coming from the disk?

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