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4k Monitor issue

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Hello Guys!

Last week I had to upgrade my monitor for a 4k one ( not for gaming but for work ) and I have some issue with BDO.
My PC is not enough for 4k gaming but its enough for 2k so I want to play at 2560x1440. Mostly I do afk things, like fishing, processing etc so I play in full screen windowed mode. Unfortunately every time when I start the game in 2560x1440 or any other resolution which is not the native for the monitor my desktop resolution is change for the game's resolution as well. I am able to change Google Play Servicesback the desktop resolution but it cause some weird mouse offset in game.
Looking for some solution if someone whould be that kind to help me. First priorty would be to avoide that the game change the desktop resolution.
Thanks in advance! Minecraft Pocket Edition
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This is only ... my multimedia setting


Work and Gaming ;-)


Also 4k









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