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Issue with 5.1 surround sound using a USB sound card

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After the update to build 17115.rs4_release180302-1642 my USB sound card no longer allows me to change the sound settings in the software. This prevents me from settings up 5.1 surround sound on my speakers. This just happened with the latest update, before had it worked fine. I tried uninstalled and reinstalled the driver and software. MX Player


In the  provided the circled area in Output Device Analog Output is greyed out which used to be selectable. Also does not product test sounds when clicking on the speaker icons on the right. 



The usb sound card is a StarTech.com 7.1 USB Audio Adapter External Sound Card with SPDIF Digital Audio Sound Cards ICUSBAUDIO7D


Thank you for any help with this. I know it is an edge case with how my setup is UC Browser.

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Try rolling back the Windows update, and contacting Windows Support they may have a fix for the issue.  


Or you can join the Insiders Program to post the issue on Insiders forum,.. most likely a tech will have a work around for fixing issue, or hopefully Windows will release a patch on next update.   

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