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Anno 1800 Launching February 26, 2019


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At the beginning of the month, Ubisoft revealed what it would be bringing to Gamescom, which is this week. Among the titles the publisher/developer is showing off is Anno 1800 and its release date has been announced as February 26, 2019. This next entry in the Anno Series will take players to the 19th century, a time with much industrialization, diplomacy, and discovery. The game naturally builds on the previous entries in the franchise and allows new gameplay, such as discovering South America and the Expeditions feature. Expeditions have you sending crews across the world to seek fame and fortune, but back home the Workforce feature will make managing factories more realistic, and demanding, than ever. By settling South America, players will get to claim the oil used to power this developing age of industry. Returning from the previous games though are individual AI opponents, shippable trade goods, randomly generated maps, and multi-session gameplay.

In addition to the base version of the game, Ubisoft has announced the Digital Deluxe and Pioneers Edition of the game as well. The Digital Deluxe version will give players The Anarchist, the first DLC for the game, along with the soundtrack, an artbook, and exclusive company logos. The Pioneers Edition adds on top of this with a Steelbook, a 120-page artbook, three lithographs, a letter, and the soundtrack all in a special collector's box. Pre-ordering the game will also get you the Imperial Pack, with extra content for the game.

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