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insane ghosting issue on 24" Samsung CFG70

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'm having an issue with my monitor where bright objects moving across the screen on dark backgrounds will ghost like crazy. I've tried a number of different OSD presets and settings, checked that the DP cable is connected properly, tried downloading drivers from samsung's website, but it still ghosts just the same, if not worse. I've had this issue since I got the monitor just yesterday. It's taking the place of my trusty old AOC 2070W and the upgrade to 144hz has truly blown me away and in low contrast environments it looks incredible but the ghosting hurts the experience everywhere else. https://vidmate.onl/ https://anydesk.vip/ Mobdro
Please reply if you have any clue what might be the cause, and don't hesitate to ask questions if more information is needed. Many thanks.
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Hi there, body! Maybe it would be better if you'll try a few variations of solving this ghosting issue. So, you can choose simple settings from via my GPU's control panel or even downloading the profiles from Samsung directly. But I think, a better option for you will be, calling some local TV service directly. I just curious, why you purchase this model - Samsung CFG70 Series 24-Inch ... Currently, so many issues with Samsung's screens. Did you know, exactly at the same time when your Samsung CFG70 was represented in the field of marketing, a technology company Philips announced Philips Hue Entertainment: https://www.smarthomegeeks.co.uk/news/philips-hue-announces-3-big-things/


To be honest, this is the real thing! 

Which can make your entertainment time much easier, instead of spending so much time for "ghosting issue"!!! Really,  dude, you need to change it at all. 

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