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Thin, Light & Narrow Bezel, MSI GS65 Gaming NB Review


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More and more mobile devices become narrow bezel or frameless design to get higher competitive capability. 

As the Ultrabook or mobile phone in recent years, becomes slimmer and lighter is the most important trend.

Thought about the design on Gaming Notebooks, since the design needs more high performance hardware and cooling solution, 

if the technology, ID and material is keep improving, maybe the frame and size could become thinner and lighter year by year.

Evantually there are 3 of 15.6

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D side has bigger difference, besides of larger surface of holes for airflow, the based robber came with bigger size and taller, 

that helps more for airflow to reduce the heat more effectively. Built-in 4-Cell battery with 82Whr, larger than GS63 as well.



Application is also a very important point that could enhance user experience for convenience, 

the Dragon Center is MSI own design APP, 2.0 version with brand new interface and enhanced a lot on the features. 

The UI showed it

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PCMARK10 => 5103



Storage designed with dual M.2 PCIe Gen.3 SSD slot, and 1 slot supported M.2 SATA interface. 

This GS65 8RF used 2 SAMSUNG MZVLB512HAJQ with RAID0.



Seq Read - 3501.5 MB/s?Write - 3256.0 MB/s

AS SSD Benchmark - 3426

Seq Read - 2908.68 MB/s?Write - 2960.23 MB/s

4K - 64Thrd Read - 1061.38 MB/s?Write - 967.93 MB/s



This SSD should be PM981 512GB, above are the performance with RAID0.

But the chipset support up to PCI-e Gen3 x4 bandwidth limitation, not like SATA3 RAID to double the performance. 

So the Max. performance is up to 3500+ MB/s around, plus the storage of 4k test will be lower because the notebook power saving technology is not able to manual disable.

But if we consider in the notebook field, PM981 of RAID0 already the highest speed level of M.2 performance.


Embedded with 2 kinds of GPU, one is Intel Core i7-8750H of built-in HD630 graphics.

The 2nd one is nVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070 with 8GB GDDR5 VRAM of Max-Q versions.

Below numbers all based on GTX 1070 Max-Q tests, same software with 2 types of preset and score

Up: Shift Sport + Fan Speed Auto

Down: Shift Turbo + Fan Speed Cooler Boost

3DMARK 11 => 16105



3D MARK 11 => 17297, improved 7.4% after overclocked.



3DMARK Fire Strike => 12785



3D MARK Fire Strike => 14067, improved 10% after overclocked.




1080P MEDIUM => 10171

Compared GTX1060 => 7902, GTX1070 => 13537





1080P MEDIUM => 11217, improved 10% after overclocked.



Assassin's Creed Syndicate

1920 x 1080?GRAPHIC preset ULTRA HIGH

In Beginning Theme - 49 FPS

Previous test with GTX 1060 was 37 FPS?GTX 1070 was 59 FPS



The same game theme

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