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F1 2018 Shows Off New Press Interaction System in New Developer Diary


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It is about two months before F1 2018 releases, so new information is coming out on what it will offer with the first of four developer diaries being released yesterday. This first diary covers the new system for press interactions as part of the game's career mode. On a basic level, you will be presented with the choice of being a good sportsman, demure and calm before the press, or be a showman that gets everyone buzzing. Such choices impact your team though, as this influences morale. If the team wants one kind of racer but you make the opposite choices, motivation can be lost and that can then impact price and reliability of your upgrades. Other teams are watching you too, so your press displays can impact what offers they may make you.

Speaking about other teams, you will now be able to approach other teams during the season about moving to them. Here again your press interactions will play a role, especially if you give any predictions for your career and how you live up to them. You will also get to select a championship rival from anyone, not just the other racers on your team.

F1 2018I is coming to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on August 24, 2018.



Source: Codemasters

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