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Abit Kg7 Mobo

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Ok, my girlfriend has an Abit KG7 motherboard in her PC, and currently an AMD 1600+ CPU, I'm thinking of giving her my 1900+ but I'm not sure if her mobo will take it. I looked on the Abit website, and on other places on the internet, all I can find is info on the RAID model, and hers is the 'Lite' model. The info on the RAID model says it goes upto AMD 1.33Mhz CPU.

I can't tell you what BIOS revision she has, as the maker put a password on the BIOS, and I can't get in. Also, her moitor is slow to come on, and I can't see the first screen of POST so if it was there, I miss that, too.


Any help would be welcome



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If it can run the 1600+, it should be able to run the 1900+ no problem since the only difference is the multi. Also, the 1900+ was only a palomino chip, so you don't have to worry about the board not liking a newer tbred or anything.

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