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Intel Announces Core i7 8086K CPU

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There were rumors about it back in April and new Intel has announced it will be releasing a limited edition Core i7-8086K CPU for the 40th anniversary of the original 8086 processor.

It is unquestionable the 8086 changed the world as it was the first 16-bit processor and brought about the x86 architecture that long dominated and still influences the computing world. In a way we still see it sued today, the x86 instruction set has changed greatly, with today's processors using x86_64, which AMD developed to bring about 64-bit computing while still supporting the older technology.

The Core i7-8086K will be Intel's first CPU to offer a single-core boost of 5 GHz, but being a K processor, it will be unlocked for overclocking. To get the CPU you can enter a sweepstakes starting 5 PM PDT on June 7. After the 24 hour entry period has closed, 8086 entrants will be randomly chosen to receive one. The second source link is to the sweepstakes webpage.

Source: Intel [1] and [2]


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