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Obsidian Series 1000D Super-Tower Launched by Corsair


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If you happen to have an E-ATX motherboard lying around with nothing to do, along with a mini-ITX board and up to four 480 mm liquid cooling radiators, Corsair may have just launched a case for you. The Obsidian Series 1000D is a super-tower case that can hold a complete E-ATX system and a mini-ITX system inside of it, with ATX and SFX power supplies for each, along with mounts for 13 cooling fans, and 11 storage drives. Eight of those fan mounts are for 120 mm fans in the front of the case, with three 140 mm mounts in the roof, and then two 120/140 mounts at the rear.

To help manage all of the radiators this case supports, telescoping fan trays are used to move them in and out of the case without needing to crawl and twist inside. Different fan trays can be purchased and changed out, depending on your cooling needs and desires. For managing the cables, the primary motherboard tray is raised with a pair of French doors behind it, making it easier to route cables through holes and hide them away. You can also hide away 2.5 in drives here as well. If you are wondering where the mini-ITX system resides, it is rotated above the ATX PSU mount. If you want to fill the case with RGB fans, it comes with a Corsair Commander PRO for managing up to six Corsair RGB fans or RGB LED strips, and the fan speed of up to six PWM fans.

If you are wondering who might need a case measuring 27.4 in tall, 27.3 in deep, and 12.1 in wide, among the possible answers are streamers. With the E-ATX system being the primary gaming system, the mini-ITX could hold a capture card and be dedicated to encoding the video, without taking resources away from the game. The mini-ITX build could also be a file server or just a second PC for another player. Whatever the use case, the Obsidian Series 1000D is backed by a two-year warranty and should be available immediately from authorized retailers and distributors.



Source: Corsair


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