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Thermaltake Core P3 Wall Mount Case

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I was wondering if anyone had this case?


I need to my computer from under this desk and the only other real option would be a wall mounted solution. 

I really like the P3 and it has pretty good reviews, but the dimensions on the website seem super weird to me. 

20inch (Height) x 13inch (Wide) x 18.5inch (Length)


I can fit the 20H x 18.5L

but the 13W is what is confusing me. Most all of my computer cases are between 8-9inches wide. This thing is an extra 4 inches wide and I cannot fit this where I was hoping to.

I was wondering if anyone could confirm this for me? 


Does anyone know of any other wall mounted cases that look nice?


I was probably going to upgrade the CPU cooler to a TT AIO 2 fan Rad system as well probably RGB since it will be on display. 



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Lian Li had an O Series chassis awhile back that was wall mount,.. Lian Li PC-07SX is only 8.5" wide and is full ATX, would offer a lot more dust protection for your hardware than the P3,..


looks like MicroCenter may have in stock. http://www.microcenter.com/product/447435/pc-o7sx_wall-mountable_open_air_atx_chassis_-_black

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I dig the case, but the thing is stupid expensive. I also am not a huge fan of the mounting it uses.

Hrmm.. decisions, decisions.. 

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