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Intel Not Shipping 10 nm Parts in Large Volume Until 2019


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At this time of year, companies are reporting their Q1 financial results, and also giving some information on their outlook. Intel is no exception to this and reported a strong result with $16.1 billion in revenue, which is up 13% year-over-year. Of that, 49% came from the company's data-centric businesses. Something else noted in the results though is that the long awaited 10 nm process node from Intel will not reach volume production until 2019. There are 10 nm products already shipping, but these are at low-volume.

This is actually fairly significant news as trends have been suggesting Intel could lose its long-held process lead, and this strengthens that possibility. The current expectations from TSMC and GlobalFoundries are for them to reach volume production of their 7 nm processes next year as well, with AMD employing them to produce Zen2-based CPUs, and likely a new series of GPU. In fact AMD will be launching a 7 nm product this year, the Vega-based Radeon Instinct accelerator targeting machine learning applications, but its production volume will undoubtedly be limited.

Source: Intel

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