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Mozilla Releases Facebook Container Extension for Firefox


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Facebook has recently been coming under great scrutiny for the data it collects on users and what kind of access others have to this data. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has admitted mistakes were made with how this data was handled previously, pledging to make changes to better protect it in the future. If that is not good enough for you, or you would simply prefer to have tighter control over what Facebook can learn about you, Mozilla has released an extension to restrict what access the social media site has to your data.

This new extension is the Facebook Container extension and it will put Facebook in a separate container from the rest of your tabs. After installing the extension it wipes your Facebook cookies and logs you out, but the next time you log in it will be in a special container. From this tab you can do everything you normally can with Facebook, but any other site you visit will be outside of the container. This includes sites you get to through links found on Facebook. This prevents Facebook from being able to track your behavior or other information, except for the times you may click on the Facebook Share buttons from outside the container. This button will inform Facebook you clicked it, but the Facebook page it opens will be placed within the container.

Because of how your Facebook log-in is isolated like this, some features may not work properly, such as embedded Facebook comments and Like buttons when you are logged in but in a tab outside of the container. This prevents Facebook from knowing the website you are on, but may result in some websites looking different than you remember.

While the Facebook Container extension is specialized to work on Facebook specifically, there is also a Multi-Account Containers extension for use with other websites and log-ins.

Source: Mozilla [1] and [2] (Facebook Container Extension)

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