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Halo "Covenant" Case Mod/Build Thread - (In Progress)

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So recently I thought it was about time to do another case mode/build. Years ago I did the "G5" Tundra case mod https://forums.overclockersclub.com/topic/203713-apple-g5-powermac-to-atx-case-mod-finally-finished/ and after a deployment and seeing something funky growing in my coolant loop I felt like it was time to build from the ground up a new case and computer so just like last time here are the goals!


The case will be based on a Alienware Area 51 7500 because of its sleek almost organic look and to bring something old back to new again so the plan is


(This is a list to also help me keep on track for the ideas)


Integrate the newer Aurora ALX Top Vents into the case and control with an Arduino

Cut side window and etch the acrylic to a hexagonal pattern

Paint Case with automotive urethane based chameleon paint (see below)

Cut and replace standard Alienware Front Case logo with 3d Printed Halo "Legendary" Symbol 

2 separate Cooling Loops Purple and Blue

Powder Coat case frame in ILLUSION BLUE (see below)

Cut holes for modern cable management

Fill and blend top case door to cover gap in front I/O and USB Ports

Airbrush silver vents with burnt amber to simulate "weathering"

LED Sequencer for internal Blue, UV Purple "Breathing" effect.

LED Sequencer for top vent green lights

Sleeve PSU & Cables according to color scheme

Install aftermarket HDD Cage

Gut ENTIRE case of ODD and HDD Cages & Reinforce case structure

Hidden power switch on the back to keep clean look (Or make the "Legendary" Logo a capacitive button)

Hardline all coolant lines w/ visually hidden reservoirs

Thin Gold Hexagon pattern throughout the paint on the exterior of the case (Possibly thin vinyl then clear coat over it)

Print & Cut more OCC decals because I gotta rep the forum when people see these beasts


(Subject to change based on availability, list will grow longer as progress continues)

Internal Parts:




Here are the pics for reference:


Alienware Area51 7500 Case




Unfortunately I cannot claim credit for the graphics but this was my original inspiration to do this mod.



Colors being acquired:

(Illusion blue for case frame)



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