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8700K high temps in Assassins Creed Origins. Can i play with that temps?

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Hi. This is the only 1 game that hitting my 8700K to abnormal temps. Temps goes to 80 and climbing in random areas to 90-95C and occasionally spikes to 100C.


In other games temps are 70-85C. ( Doom, 3dmarks,GTA V )



I am downloading now Call of duty WW II and Watch Dogs 2 to see temps. After work i will try.


But actually i am asking about that temps in AC Origins.


I have 8700K with cooler M9i Cryoring , motherboard Asus Z370 Pro Gaming. MCE is on. XMP memory ON.

8700K clock are 4700mhz.



Is this safe to play with that temps or i must change something?

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