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Hello all,


I have a research paper on "Hydrogen as a source of power" due thursday (March 11'th) and I was hoping that some of you might help me. Since there is a lot of knowledge out in the forums I was hoping to tap some. :)


Basically I need to research the efficiency, sources, extraction, cost/benefit, etc. of Hydrogen. Since this may be the future fuel for our cars (or other, a source of power in general). If you have some knowledge please share, but since its a research paper anything I gain that I dont know i have to cite, so if you state something you know then please leave your name/profession.


I know this isn't related to much of anything so I put it in general. I'm just looking for some help guys. Oh, and if your wondering I already have an abstract and I'm meeting with the professor tomorrow about more (yes it is a college paper). I was just hoping that some people here could help me out. Thanks in advance and links are nice too ;)

Term paper guidelines

Topic : Your paper may be on the physics/engineering aspects of any issue which impacts

human well-being.

Length : Five to eight pages, exclusive of figures, tables, and endnotes. A good paper with

original calculations might be shorter than five pages.

Abstract : Begin your paper with an abstract (about

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I think I've linked you this stuff before <_< but anyways... a bloke named Carl Cella designed and built a hydrogen powered car details for system design @ greaterthings.com & a very rough article here @ cyberspaceorbit.com ;)

Though the real difficulty was with the electrodes gathering deposits & fouling-up @ 200kms+ ;)


Hydrogen fueled BMW @ edmunds.com




Down Under we convert vehicles to run on LPG a blend of propane & butane gases, due to their very nature (dry fuel) oil injection systems or modifications to cyclinder valves (stainless steel) etc. are required... similar requirements to this very system.


Prior to WWII a local 'character' used to fill up his truck's fuel tanks, with water from a tap in the town's main street... though he'd never admit it to anyone, he was obviously either insane in the membrane :P or using a hydrogen generator ;)

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This is quite an interesting paper since it covers the future in vehicular propulsion.


Since your topic is 'hydrogen as a power source' which is quite general and not limited to vehicular engines I would:


Provide some ideas of what are the different forms of Hydrogen being researched, even though most ppl think that when Hydrogen is being talked about, they are talking of the gaseous element, but actually research is being done with Hydrogen gas, Hydrogen liquid and also Hydrogen gel.


Of course to be applicable to everyday human use, Hydrogen liquid is too explosive if mishandled, Hydrogen gel might be too expensive and unstable in normal conditions, which leaves us with Hydrogen gas.


I do not have direct knowledge of the internal workings, only what I have read.


Hydrogen gas is readily obtained from most chemical reaction, but the key is to obtain the most amount of gas out of one reaction. For example there is a company [Millenium Cell] researching a reaction that produces 4 molecules of Hydrogen by mixing a salt [NaBH4] + water [H2O]http://www.millenniumcell.com/solutions/white_hydrogen.html


NaBH4 + 2 H2O

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I think I've linked you this stuff before

Actually this is pretty recent, you must be thinking of someone else :)


As for the info, thanks a lot guys, I think imma specify that the paper will be more on Hydrogen as a source of power, Uses in ground transportation.


Again, the info is great but I have to ask for more :bah: Thanks for taking the time to help me I really appreciate it.

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