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  • 2 weeks later...

New ssd arrived and promptly installed.



I had a small problem with a tube that was too short due to a wrong test fitting, but besides this the tubing went way much more smoothly than the other time! Here during the leak testing with all the tubes in place.



And once that was done I filled the loop with the coolant and started the bleeding.



While doing some cable management I realized that with the inverted layout I need only straight sata cables, therefore I'm stuck again. But while waiting the data cable and the cablemod ones, I proceeded inverting the front panel


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  • 2 weeks later...

I finally managed to get my hands on some cablemod cables



I'm little disappointed about the colour, I thought they were brighter, but anyway still a big improvement both on the aesthetics and the cable management.


Then after replacing the cables some heat gun again to complete the work



And finally some lights












I already have a shipment coming and I still have to build the psu shroud 

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Here I am after a while with some update.

I wasn't completely satisfied with my runs and with the coolant, that leaved some stains, therefore I decided to completely re-do the loop.

While i was at it I removed all the HDDs, in order to have clearance for a bigger reservoir (250) and a bigger front rad (replaced the EK SE360 with a EK CE420). I tried to put a PE360 on top but there was a clearance problem, therefore I had to downsize to a SE360. With the new 420 rad I switched to 3 bequiet silent wing and replaced all to HD fans to LL ones.

I also replaced the cpu waterblock with a newer Velocity RGB nickel, and the gpu block cover and terminal. I also wanted to switch to the rgb plexy top for the pump but it wasn't on stock.

To complete everything a bitspower flowmeter, crycofuel clear and new cablemod cables.

I also delidded the cpu and added a crucial p1 nvme the ekwb heatsink.


Below some picture of the work

cpu delidding before and after


Old loop components ready to be cleaned


New waterblocks and pump placement (still waiting for the new cablemod cables)


Final result





Video here


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