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Finally after a few years I decided to get me a custom loop and hopefully a good looking computer.

It's not a build from scratch, since it's my first time and I don't want to mess with some new hardware, but rather an upgrade to my current system, going from a noctua nh-d14 to a custom loop.

Update 2018: after the first cpu loop I decided to upgrade the entire system, making a complete new build and loop

Update 2020: completly re-designed loop and replaced some components




Latest update:



Video -here-





Here's the plan:

  • Hard tubing custom loop for cpu [done]
  • Lot of rgb [done]
  • Upgrade the graphic card and add it to the loop [done]
  • Inverted layout [done]
  • Build a psu shroud
  • Other (still planning)

The loop components are:

  • EK SE360
  • EK PE360
  • EK-XTOP Revo D5 PWM
  • EK-RES X3 150
  • EK-Supremacy EVO

The case is a BeQuiet Dark Base Pro 900





Time to start working.

First I installed the front radiator.




Then the other radiator, the reservoir and the pump



Here's the first disappointment. I went for a 360 rad on the front instead of a 420 in order to mount two fans in push-pull configuration, but looking at the parts installed probably it's the other way around.


Anyway I decided to redo the tube to the pump and route it differently.

The result with almost all the tubing is this one



Time to add some rgb





I still managed to install two fans on push-pull but I had to change the pump position, therefore all the tubing must be redone.


After a lot of work all the tubes are ready and in place. I'm not completely satisfied with the shape but for the moment it will do, because i started to grow tired of having the pc disassembled and failing the bends. When I'll add the gpu I'm gonna fix also the tubes. I also have to add the temperature sensor because it arrived to late.

Time to leak testing.



And finally power back on the pc.



The uv cathodes weren't a good purchased though, I managed to install only one behind the reservoir because the other one, which I planned to install on the top behind the radiator, wouldn't fit. The problem it's not the space but that one end or the other always goes on the holes for the fans. I'm still figuring this out and maybe I'll get the shorter ones, even though I've to admit the glowing effect is really nice only if they're placed right near the tubes. For now when I want a soft lighting I only turn on some led strips on blue light at minimum brightness.


After removing the last pieces of paper here's the result



Short video



And a time lapse


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  • 2 weeks later...

New graphics card is here!



After testing it I've decided to upgrade also the rest of the system (still haven't decided between 8700k and 1700/1800) , therefore the inverted layout has to wait a little longer.

I'm also stalling for the psu shroud because then it won't fit in the inverted layout, but I've had some interesting ideas about it.

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Ok it's finally time to continue the build!!


One at a time all the parts have been removed





And the inversion of the layout begins



Now to unbox all these goodies and upgrade



Here the inverted layout is almost done



Now I have to plan the loop, since my original ideas are not good anymore because the I/o shield is bigger then anticipated

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What tools do you use to cut and bend the tubing? Your case looks like it was made for a job like this. Keep the pictures coming.

Hacksaw to cut, pretty simple. And I did the bends by hand and others using the corner of the table. Nothing fancy but effective

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Today I tested the complete system 




After checked that all was ok I proceeded to the gpu waterblock 






And then I mounted all the other components




If I managed to have a plan for the routes by tomorrow I'll start the tubing

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Looks like it was fun!


I'm dealing with the cable management at the moment and as it turned out it's all but fun. Honestly I didn't anticipated this but with the inverted layout all the connectors are where they shouldn't be and the manufacturers haven't considered it.


Lucky for me I thought to do some cable management before the tubing, also because I had to move again the motherboard tray and psu

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These couple of days I finally came out with a plan for the tubes, therefore it was time to take out the heat gun and do some bends



And I managed to complete almost all of them



And prep everything for the leak test



But unfortunately on the last bend I discovered the tube is too short for my route therefore I had to stop.


Now I'm looking to get a visual flowmeter or something similar to overcome the shortness of the tube, any other suggestion?



In the meantime I took out the old pc while waiting for this build to finish. Does this count as a desk pc?!



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