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Murphy's Law

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Hello all, Happy new year.

So, Murphy's law strikes again.

After almost ten years of moving water around my rig, the ThermalTake P500 pump carked it. On Friday before Christmas!

Impeller very tight. No worries! Got a spare!

After replacing the pump, the new one would not work. It had been used once in the past when the long-lasting one got a bit tight.

I put the pump on my car battery. No luck. What is this red wire doing sticking out?

Soldering job.

Pump ran for four hours. Time for beddy byes.

Next morning, boot up and pump wont run. Worked on it in various ways. Pump was fine, but the electrics had carked it.

Two dead pumps.

PCCasegear is a good place. Got a new pump in two days.

For those of you who don't like ThermalTake, you will be pleased to know I have fitted an EK-XTOP Revo D5 PWM. The box says "Including Pump. (I thought it WAS the pump. :haha:)


After a number of years with no problems ....... I still have the touch.

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