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Marvel Heroes Shutting Down End of 2017

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I don't know how many other people at OCC played it, but I have been actively enjoying it for years now, since I first played it as part of the NVIDIA Free-to-Play 2 Review. Since then I have put in some 1852 hours, and even though the servers will only be up until December 31, I'm planning to put in some more. I have enjoyed those many hours, and want to enjoy the game some more for as long as I can. If nothing else, I want to keep logging in each day, so I can be part of the group of players who will have the highest possible 'Days of Service' when it comes down.

Here is the official statement from the developers: Official Statement from Gazillion.

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Have a couple updates on this. One is that the schedule for shutting down Marvel Heroes was hugely accelerated last week because, as I understand it, the bank that had given a loan to the developer decided to cease funding it, forcing the company into immediate bankruptcy. All staff was laid off right before Thanksgiving, without any benefits, and the servers were supposed to go down last Friday. Perhaps they were paid up until today, because the game was still online this morning but is offline now, and forever.

Goodbye Marvel Heroes. You will be missed by at least this player. At least I had the time to say goodbye last week.

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