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Screwed up hard drive creating weird problem with PC?

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Long story short is originally I went to another section on here about a scrambled screen issue. I ruled out the video card (got a new one). I then replaced the screen and things worked fine again. A few days later and I am now having another issue that is making me think it has to be the hard drive. 

Built a new rig last December. All parts were new, except a secondary HD thats for storage (though its only 3 years old). I can't explain this easily but pretend you took a screenshot of your screen right now (with whatever browers/programs you have open. Obviously this screenshot would take a picture of that moment in time of your screen.


So now imagine every few hours as your doing whatever on your pc, that screenshot popped up for about 4 seconds. You can't click anything you see, but you can move your cursor just fine. Then after the 4 seconds it goes back to your current screen. Thats what is happening essentially. It keeps showing me basically my desktop as it was hours ago, like a frozen moment in time. Then it goes away. I mean this isn't freezing up anything, nothing really happens. When I watch youtube and what not, the audio still can be heard.

Its really odd and I have never seen anything like this. I did update Windows, video drivers, monitor drivers...etc. I've scandisked and defragged my drives. I can't for the life of me figure out what else to do since I am not sure what it could be at this point.

Like I said its not the end of the world but its still annoying when it happens just because you have to stop what your doing for a few seconds. As for what I did around the time all this stuff happened was nothing really. Haven't added anything new. Haven't removed anything. Though its when I did get a new screen and tried using two monitors (just for fun, don't use two now). Only thing I do sometimes is go here and delete everything (well that it lets me delete of course): C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Temp

I will mention whenever I open any of the Apps in the "Gigabyte App Center" the glitch happens every time. However it doesn't seem to do that for any other program, more so its random. Should I just uninstall that app center and see if that fixes it? I'm not even sure if its uninstallable since its a program for the motherboard. Or do you think its just the hard drive?

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