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3dmark - Fire Strike combined score - fluctuate

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Hello. So first my pc:

6700K stock , never oc and temps are fine

Gtx 1080 Ti FE , never oc, stock


Corsair 750 RM

Windows 10 , drivers 388.13



So today i run 4 times 3dmark Fire strike custom . ( graphic test 1 , graphic test 2, physics score and combined score ). 

All is fine , but combined score weirdly fluctuate.


1 run:


Combined score : 7883 score, 36.67 fps



2 run ( only Combined score ):


Combined score: 8 277, 38,5 fps


3 run :



Combined score : 8 420 score, 39.17 fps


4 run:



Combined score: 7918 score , 36.83 fps



My pc is stable, no have crashes or artifacts. No problems with games. But only want to be sure that this variation its fine or not?

I close all programs during tests. I am sure at 99% that was not caused by any background process. All 4 runs was with the same settings and the same resolution with defaulted settings.

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He would only find a way to come back under a new name, he has a few different ones, only thing is once you read the stupid posts he puts up and his repeated lack to accept any logical answer you know who it is. :doh:

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Your runs will vary from test to test depending on background processes running. Take a 5 run average  4x for a total of 20 tests after restarting your PC and letting it idle down all the processes before you start. That will give you a more realistic comparable result to speak to and find out you do not have a problem. 



And as everyone else says yeah

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