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Old Build New Vid Card

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Well it's typical  of me to jump too soon but no harm done.  I'm now up and running. Let me tell ya when your baby goes down you suddenly realise how important it is. 

 All of you gave me good advice and I'm relearning stuff just by researching what all have told me here.  ir_cow  the eBay seller overnighted the card so I was up & running the day after your post, for no other reason it was money well spent...Thanks.


Either way, GPU's are the one thing that can always be moved over from an old to a new system, so why not get something nice and prolong the life out of X58 until the dust settles between this war with Intel and AMD which is when everyone will benefit!

xenkw0n  now that the damage is done if the bandage holds maybe I can wait for that dust to settle....at that time I'll probably be asking what card

has the most punch for the money  :unsure:  Oh thanks for the advice on the memory sticks.....eBay is your friend for old computers. I might even pick up that chip.   :thx:

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