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Anno 1800 Announced by Ubisoft


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The next entry in the Anno franchise has been announced, and while it takes us back in time, the year still adds up to nine: Anno 1800. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the world was entering the industrial age with industrialization, diplomacy, and discovery. This means players will get to create massive cities while exploring and settling new lands.

Currently the game is expected to release in Winter 2018, so more than a year away, but you can get involved sooner. The developers, Ubisoft Blue Byte have also announced the creation of Anno Union, a new community initiative that will give players the opportunity to influence development. Those in Anno Union will get to see exclusive content, the latest news, receive development insights, a look at behind the scenes content, and have an opportunity to play the game early. With feedback requests, votes on features, taking part in play tests, and the ability to create content for the game, players will get to help shape the future of the franchise.



Source: Press Release

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