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2K Celebrating BioShock 10th Anniversary With Collector's Edition and PAX West Party


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Ten years ago, BioShock was released and gamers got to explore the underwater city of Rapture. To mark this occasion, 2K has announced the BioShock 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition that features a new iconic Big Daddy and Little Sister statue. For those of you attending PAX West, you can also check out the 10-year anniversary party the publisher is folding. A new BioShock YouTube channel has also been created to share the classic trailers and many fan-made videos and creations from over this decade.

For those of you interested in the BioShock 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition, pre-orders start today and it has a November 14 release date, but it is exclusive to GameStop and the 2K Store (US Only). It is also only for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. What it contains is a copy of BioShock: The Collection, which was released in September with the three games, and the 11.9 inch tall statue. For those who still need a copy of the games but are not interested in the statue, the price of BioShock: The Collection is being dropped as well.

If are not unfamiliar with the series, would you kindly check out the reviews we have up for all three: BioShock; BioShock 2; and BioShock Infinite.

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