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Absolver Multiplayer Features Shown and Post-Release Content Announced


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With the launch date of Absolver approaching, we are getting some information on what will be coming post-release, and a look at its multiplayer features. Absolver is an online melee action game and with a new trailer we are seeing how some of the online features will work. All players will start exploring the plains of Adal alone, but will encounter both AI opponents and live players. When coming across a live player, they may engage in some friendly sparring, an actual PvP fight, or join together for some cooperative PvE fun, with up to three players. Players can learn moves from each other when playing cooperatively. Also more advanced players will be able to make their own combat schools for others to join, effectively making them a mentor.

Starting about one to two months after release, the first of the free content updates should start releasing. The first update has been announced already and is to answer the wishes of the current testing community. The early players were requesting 3 versus 3 combat modes, ranked matches, and a spectator mode. These three features will be among the first added to the game through the free updates, along with new combat styles and moves from players' combat decks.

Absolver releases on August 29 for PC and PlayStation 4.



Source: Press Release

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